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Sparkle: A Waldorf-inspired cloth doll with dress outfit, by Netchie Dolls

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This is Sparkle, she is a very sweet and soft Waldorf-inspired doll that is ready to be adopted and travel to her new home today! She is 15” tall with coffee colored skin and brown eyes. The dolls appearance is intentionally simple in order to allow the child playing with it to develop the imagination and creative play. For instance, she has simple features, or a simple neutral expression so the child can imagine the personality and mood of the doll and if the doll is awake or asleep.

Sparkle is sewn from high quality 100% cotton skin-colored jersey. Her hair is made of mohair boucle. The head is made with knit fabric of 100 % cotton, sculpted in the traditional Waldorf method and stuffed with cleaned sheep's wool. The cheeks are blushed with non-toxic beeswax. The body, arms, and legs are stuffed with polyester stuffing making a soft, warm, and cuddly doll.

The pictured outfit will be included. All clothes can be removed and dressed again.

Netchie dolls are handmade with love, one at a time, by me, using high quality materials. The art of creating these dolls by hand makes every doll unique.

Handmade in my smoke free home that is free of air fresheners or scented candles. Doll materials are purchased from Weir Crafts and certified safe, below text has been copied from the Weir Crafts website:
“CPSC regulations recognize that cotton fabrics are inherently free of lead and pthalates and need no further certification. Natural fiber goods are inherently free of lead and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recognizes this. In a January 9, 2009 bulletin, the CSC exempted natural fiber goods from the certification process. The Federal Register/Vol. 74, No. 10 in full, which further details these exceptions.

However, above and beyond the CPSIA act WE HAVE TESTED ALL OUR FABRICS, WOOL, YARNS AND FELTS. ALL THESE PRODUCTS TESTED TO BE FREE OF LEAD OR ANY HEAVY METALS. These products are in full compliance with CPSIA requirements.

It is important to us that you know our products are lead and phthalate free and are safe for our children. It is part of our commitment to green policy not to carry products that harm the environment, either for our children or us. WE also search for fibers that have been sustainable and humanely grown.” For more complete information, see individual product listings at

Thank you for visiting my shop! Please contact me if you have any questions at Questions and feedback are always appreciated!

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