Hi there! Welcome to Netchie Dolls! My name is Misty, I'm from the United States and have been living in Wisconsin for the last 10 years. After 18 years in the health care industry, I recently left my crazy-busy life as a Registered Nurse to do what I love. 

My passion is working with fabric and my favorite item to make with fabric is dolls! I've been making cloth dolls since 2009. In the beginning I made a variety of art dolls, but gradually shifted focus to Waldorf-inspired dolls specifically crafted to be played with and enjoyed by young children. I created a number of dolls for the children of coworkers, and was always thrilled to hear how much the children enjoyed them. With every doll I make, I am always striving to produce a doll that will become a child's favorite toy and best friend.

Human beings are the only species that are known to make an image of themselves. Dolls of many forms and materials have been around as long as humans have been! Many are hundreds of years old and still well-preserved. Dolls actually increase in value with time and are one of the few things that will not be replaced by technology. All these are reasons that make being a doll artist so special.

You can order one of our signature dolls or a totally customized doll here on my Shopify store: www.netchiedolls.com

Pre-made dolls and a variety of other handmade objects are available from my Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/mistysworkshop 

I regularly post photos, videos, and new project announcements on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/netchiedolls

More photos and Netchie Doll adventures can be seen on Instagram: www.instagram.com/netchiedolls